How to buy passes and reserve/pre-order/unlock Tickets

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1. Navigate to, select the pass you’re interested in and click the ‘buy’ button.

2.On the Checkout screen you can adjust your pass quantity and/or enter a discount code.

3. Login or Register a new account:

If you are new to our site you will need to register with a username and password for Eventive (our online streaming provider). If you are returning, login with an existing username and password.

4. Enter your credit card information and click ‘Submit Payment Information’.

5. A new order confirmation window will appear where you will need to assign a name to each pass. This is especially important if you are purchasing multiple passes that you intend to transfer to other friends or family. Name the passes so they are easily identifiable, i.e “Amelia Earhart” and “Jacqueline Cochran”. Type the new name where it says ‘First & Last Name’ and click ‘Save Name’
6. Finally, click ‘Go to my passes’ to see a full list of purchased passes under your username.

NOTE: Once you purchase your pass, you must “pre-order” (reserve) tickets for all the screenings you wish to view. Follow these instructions:

  • Navigate to the RMWFF Virtual Screening Room,
  • Click on the film program you are interested in
  • On the film details page select ‘Pre-order Now’
  • If you are not already logged in, you will be prompted to login or create an account.
  • If you already have a pass on your account, when you click on ‘pre-order’ you will have the option to add that film title to your pass.
  • If you don’t have a pass, you will be asked to enter credit card information to purchase that film program.
  • If you don’t wish to purchase a pass, you can purchase access to view one film program for $10. Standalone tickets are available to purchase beginning October 20th. Only passes will be available for purchase before that date.

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