How long do I have to start watching a film?

Karen Walldorf

Last Update 6 months ago

To access films after pre-ordering/reserving you will need to 'unlock' and ‘watch’ that title on the scheduled day of its release. For example, CODED BIAS is available on Sunday, November 15th and it's unlock window is that 24-hour period (12am until midnight). 

Once 'unlocked' you must select ‘watch’ to begin streaming that title, even if you immediately pause it to finish watching later on.  You will have 48 hours from the time you hit ‘watch’ to finish the film program.

Once you start the film, you will see an indication of how long you have to start watching below the viewing window on the film page. After you’ve started watching, the indication will change to show you how much time is left to finish.

Even if you have pre-ordered a specific film, if you forget to 'unlock' or ‘watch’  it on the specific release date you will not be able to see that film. So mark your calendars appropriately!

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